Fragrances Campos de Ibiza - Mandarin

For over 30 years, the stimulating mix of sparkling freshness has been like an explosion of joyous optimism.

An aromatic and fresh perfume with overtones of bergamot and lemon verbena scented with mandarin, galbanum and bitter orange.

Invokes visions of Ibiza’s charismatic landscapes with vibrant orange groves.

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Fragrances Campos de Ibiza - Cedar

A fragrance just full of character created in homage to the history of Ibiza and the Phoenicians, who traded in cedarwood.

A vibrant blend of cedarwood and sandalwood with a spicy character of ginger and cinnamon makes it a scent that simply exudes strength and warmth.

A virile and elegant composition.

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Fragrances Campos de Ibiza - Rose

A sensual fragrance, romantic and feminine.

The delicate aroma of our pink flowers mixed with freesia, violet and gardenia fresh from Mediterranean gardens.
A delicious flavoured floral composition of rose petals; with a scent so special that woman can’t help but like it.

An ode to love.

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Fragrances Campos de Ibiza - Jasmin

A dedication to Ibiza: the pure white of the White Island meets the pure white of the jasmine flower.

Galbanum bergamot with a heart of jasmine giving it a refined and voluptuous scent, whilst its base notes of white musk, sandalwood and ambergris bring sensuality into the equation.

A warm and seductive fragrance.

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Fragrances Campos de Ibiza - Fig

An original and daring fragrance created from a mixture sap bittersweet.

The bitter taste of fig leaf blends perfectly with the sweetness of the fig under the hot Ibiza sun. This composition star seduces both women and men.

A must for “Fig Addicts”.

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Fragrances Campos de Ibiza - Almond

Sweet as delicate almonds, made sweeter by the essences of vanilla, this fragrance comes from the fruits and flowers of the choicest almonds on the island.

A scent witch embodies aromatic orange blossom, lily of the valley, white musk and almonds.

An Eau de Toilette that leans to comforting memories of childhood.

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